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Wedding Planners in Chennai

Conceptual Theme

Modern day weddings essentially have themes that portray the passion and the personality of the bride and the groom. This theme is reflected in every aspect of the wedding including colours, invitations, food, outfits, venue decorations, music etc... Themes may vary from fairytale weddings to beach weddings or even specific coloured weddings. A themed wedding planned as per the interests of the bride and the groom leads to a treasured experience for the guests and the couple as well. Flair Touch is servicing best Wedding Planners, Wedding Decorators & Wedding Caterers in Chennai. We comes with all the inspiration and suggestions to make your dream a reality. We also ensure that your themed wedding includes all the aspects of a traditional wedding.

Unleash your creativity and we make it adorable!

Wedding Decorators in Chennai

Stage Decorations

One of the vital inclusions of any Indian wedding is the stage decoration. The stage decoration in any marriage creates a long-term impression as the bride and the groom are restrained to the stage most of the time during the wedding. The decoration includes a variety of elements such as flowers, the lights, the carpets, standees, drapes, crystals, mirrors, curtains and many more. We customize every wedding stage as per the interest, opinion, colour choice and budget of the couple and their families.

We arrange stages that are graceful and grand as well!

Wedding Caterers in Chennai

Photography & Videography

When your longed-for dreams, desires and fantasies are all coming to life, wouldn’t you love to cherish those fabulous memories? Wedding Photography and Videography helps you look back on those wonderful memories. We have a range of experienced and reliable photo and Video specialists’ right from those who work for film industries to those providing simple elegant services within your budgets. You can choose from traditional photography and Videography, candid photography or cinematic videography based on your interests, budgets, timeframe, location and requirements. Craft your love story into an epic wedding photography and videography that you can relish for a life time.

Register your special day with some extra effects!

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Live Music / DJ

No Wedding is complete without some groovy music, isn’t it? Modern day weddings involve responsibilities to lob a great party to your guests and it has also become a way of celebrating your love. We arrange professional, experienced, classic as well as trendy light music troops and DJs who could entertain you based on your budget, personal interests, guests, venue allowances, spacing capacity, demographics and of course your wedding theme if you had chosen one. Slow dances or a fast beat tap, the wedding music and dancing remains in our memories for a long time.

Let your loved ones have a blast on your big day!

Wedding Caterers in Chennai

Catering services

Catering services can have the biggest impact on guests in any marriage. The quality and variety of food plays an important role in any wedding. Being in the industry for several years, we understand the depth and importance of a perfect mesmerizing food menu in weddings and receptions. We have an array of caterers who could serve you in a grander scheme within your theme, traditions, type and number of guests and especially within your budget limits. With Flair Touch, whether it is a lavish wedding or a simple humble wedding, you can impress your guests with a tasty and brilliantly presented food.

Create menus that can wow your guests’ taste buds!

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Bridal Makeup

Flawless skin, a perfect makeup and a right hairstyle is every bride’s dream. Our qualified team ensures that you look dazzling and unblemished on your wedding day. We have experienced makeup artists and beauticians who could make you look your absolute best based on your wedding theme, the type of your outfit, your dress colour and ornaments, your body shape and skin colour. Indian weddings traditionally require a bold makeup look adorned with several jewels and flowers whereas modern day brides prefer a toned down copy from a western magazine. We have specialists for every need of yours just to make you shine on your big day.

Being bold, beautiful and the best!

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Mehendhi is one of the most attractive and popular pre-wedding ceremony in most of the traditional as well as trendy marriages in India. The designs have evolved from customary to more decorative and creative these days. We have special mehendhi artists to your liking, be it unique bridal, Indian, Arabic, Indo-arabic, Moroccan, Mughlai, glitter or multi-coloured designs. Colours and designs dotted on the bride’s hands and feet definitely adds up beauty and charm to the day, isn’t it?

Make it just more colourful and special!

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Return Gifts

Wedding return gifts is the couple's way of showing appreciation to near and loved ones for making their day special and showering them with their presence. It is a significant part of the wedding and is the last thing a wedding guest remembers. We arrange exclusive wedding gifts as well as personalized return gifts as per your theme, budget and interests. However we also make it easy by offering a wide range of items for you to choose from.

Just give that extra touch to the whole event!