Variety shows

Flair touch has years of experience in the field of planning and organizing variety shows. Sketch comedy, dancing, musical performances, juggling and acrobatics all form part of the bigger umbrella called variety shows. These kinds of shows are popularly conducted to raise funds. A successful show is one where maximum people attend and are kept entertained for the whole period. It can only be pulled off by a successful event planner like Flair. We find the right experienced, trendy and qualified entertainers who could best fit in the mood and theme of your event. Jugglers, impersonators, professional dancers and mesmerizing singers, we have more to entertain you.

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Dancing floor

Dance floors are set up in weddings, birthday parties, celebratory parties and even corporate events. They are separate from the stage setup and require special lighting, foot boards and of course the right music. We have expert teams to install dance floors depending on the size of the hall, the venue of the party, theme of your party, the time and the target audience. Safe, comfortable, yet classy dance floors with perfect lights and music is a must to include in any of your celebrations. Flair Touch can get it done just right.

Get on the floor!

Instant photo prints

Stylish photos with the perfect backdrops are what anyone is looking for. We arrange party photo booths for family parties and birthday celebrations. It adds a touch of fun to your guests and also gives them instant photo prints to take home with. They create a pleasurable experience and lasts a lifetime. Candid pictures in your natural self is possible with our professional photography team. We organize photo booths to get you instant photo prints to adorn your walls.

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Add some magic in the air with Flair touch. Be it a kids’ or an adult party, the mystery of a magician intrigues everyone in the room. Only a professional can pull off an impossible trick and it creates awe and surprise and is the perfect entertaining tool in a party. Flair touch can bring you professional magicians and illusionists to spice up your party. We have a range of choices depending on your budget and the time requirements by you. Now, spice up your party with our magicians.

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Mimicry artist

Who doesn’t enjoy some good amusing mimicry? We all crack up at some good mimicry of the who’s who of the world. They crack you up especially if it is done right by an artist. We can provide you with experienced and enthusiastic mimicry artists at a moment’s notice. They are perfect to add to the laughter and glee of a family as well as a corporate party. The mimicked voice of your favorite star or politician or even a cartoon character is what you need to add some cheer. Being in the field for more than a decade, we have an array of such talents to make your party fun filled.

Relax and be wowed!

Instant Tattos

Kids and teenagers alike love the experience of a tattoo. The best way to make their day special is to organize an instant tattoo corner in their party. They may not be permanent but tattoos do come in a range of colors, designs and characters. We have a number of expert tattoo artists for you to choose from. And we assure you that your kids will simply love it. We organize safe yet fun tattoo stalls for various kinds of parties. With beautiful pictures and perfect calligraphy, it will be a fond memory.

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Nail Art

If you are having a girly party, this is one you cannot overlook. Girls love nail color and nail art is gaining popularity by the hour. Having a professional artist set up booth to add designs and vibrancy to your nails would just be perfect. There can be no mistakes. Flair touch offers you a variety of artists in this field at your budget who could create beautiful designs and themed colors. We get it organized and bring you all you need to add another creative piece of entertainment to your event.

Moments made surreal!

Face Art

Face painting is very entertaining at a children’s birthday party. Kids love to be colored in interesting shades and would like to look like their favorite cartoon characters. Face painters however, are hard to find in India and there is always the concern of using kid-friendly paints. Here is where flair touch comes in. We bring you artists at your budget yet professional to your expectations. Be it school plays or dance galas or even a fun birthday party, we can find you the right face paint artist to make your program just that unique.

Play big, it’s your turn!


Parties and celebrations are intended to bequeath our deepest feelings to our loved ones. Another entertainment that can keep kids and adults busy for a long time is caricatures. Caricature machines and artists have done a fine job to our amusement. And it is worth adding a caricature stall to your party. At the end of the day, your guests get to carry a caricature as a memory of your event back home. Flair touch can set up the stall and add a little zing to your photo book with a few caricatures.

Magnificent moments!

Balloon Sculture

Flair touch has a tremendous experience in organizing entertaining events. You can experience the world of balloon sculpting with our connoisseur artists. From private parties to mass events, we provide some fine artwork for our customers. Good quality is a must in balloon sculpting; both in the artists as well as the balloons. We are all fascinated when one big balloon turns into a dog or some other fun creature. Right from the correct color combination of balloons, our artists will bring all the required material and create beautiful sculptures for you to enjoy.

Adding colors of ecstasy!

Cartoon Characters

Everyone has a crush on cartoon characters. Cartoon characters at your celebrations can make it an instant hit. You can organize characters based on the theme of your party. We add to the excitement whether it the Mickey or its love interest Minnie, Donald duck, Woody, Scooby doo, or any super hero character that your daring prince adores. And of course, if it is the all time favourite Barbie and Cinderella or the mischievous Tinker bell or the Frozen Elsa, we bring it live for you little princess. Sharing live moments of amusement and delight has become one vital part of present year celebrations. Our team can arrange happy mascots to grace your party.

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