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Event Organizers in Chennai

Team Building Events

In today’s world, several corporates aim at extra-curricular activities to strengthen the bond between employees as well as between the work force and the management. These events range from sports activities, indoor games and competitions. Some even consider having a few talks on building the morale and team spirit of the company. Flair Touch Management is providing Event Organizers in Chennai. We offers a wide range of team building events for your company based on your domain, strength of your team, your area of interest and your allocated budget. A range of activities from treasure hunts to competitive meal-based team games, we will get you connected and relaxed.

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Event Organizers Chennai

Theme Parties

Every party has a theme, why not a corporate event as well? Yes, theme parties have penetrated into the corporate world too. Companies organize end-of-the-year themed parties as well as work-based parties with usually a fun theme attached to it. It adds a bit of liveliness and color to the regular boring business meetings and conferences. We can offer plenty of ideas to make your company party not only successful but also fun-filled. If you have some dust of inspiration, do share with us and we will help you make your corporate event just as memorable as any other party.

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We offer icebreaker entertainment to liven up the mood before a meeting. Offering entertaining programs such as music, DJs, dancing, stand-up comedy, singing, fun activities, conceptual games, brain-teaser games, motivational speeches are all part of a whole new industry. And as corporates gear up for conferences and symposiums, one other factor that is considered is entertainment. It not only deviates from the agenda of the event but also refreshes guests to start over. We have a catalogue of choices to entertain you in your big event.

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Best Event Organizers Chennai

Seminars & Conferences

Seminars are a common occurrence in companies. The arrangement, stage set up, sound system, backdrops, brochures, food are some of the many things that have to be arranged for by the management. To ease off your pressure on the day, Flair offers all that you will need to make your seminar or conference a success amongst your delegates and attendees. The seminar/conference hall décor and activities will be customized as per your tastes and liking. We organize the right venues and related service providers to get your event started. Say bye to mundane business meets and seminars. We arrange the best form of modern and vivacious business conference setups that keeps your team engaged and vibrant all day.

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Inaugural functions are important to businesses as it is the first show-case of their talent and products. We at Flair touch do not take these events lightly as well. We ensure the lighting, the stage, the décor all focus on what you try to sell. Flair offers a professional consultation panel for you to discuss about your event, the motive, the product or the service, the spotlight you focus on and many more. Together we assure to make it a success and a grand reach amongst your target sector.

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Annual Celebrations

As a yearly occurrence, annual celebrations may start to get boring each year. Flair touch is the breath of fresh air you need. We take care of onsite technicalities, sound works, lighting and much more. We offer start to finish services and take care of the minuscule details too. Farewell parties, special announcements, food, dance, music, decorations, it can be all in one package. We can provide you with the right kind of entertainment and even jazz it up with some good music for your dancing shoes. End the year with a wonderful memory of your annual corporate festivities

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Flair Event Organizers in Chennai

Award Ceremonies

Milestone achievements, astounding performances, super success meets all these are moments to be cherished. Award ceremonies are a celebration of success, achievement and accomplishment. It boosts the morale of the company’s employees and acts as an encouragement to further their performance. Planning of award ceremonies has to ensure that it is not only well-attended but also upbeat. We at Flair, work in hand with our clients especially within their budget restrictions to glorify such special moments.

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