Branding and Promotion

Product Launches

A product launch event aims to draw crowds to your product. You need to determine your purpose, the right location, and above all, your product launch should give your audience the right information. We at flair touch have experience in organizing successful product launches and cover all the needed aspects of your event. Our team will analyze your product and we promptly pull in the necessary strategies that boost the promotion of the product.

Displays and portrayals as needed!

Mall Promotions

Promoting a mall requires the highest quality service. There are a number of aspects that have to be highlighted. Collaborations with the big brands is almost intrinsic. The aim is not only to draw customers but also keep them. There are promotion periods with discounts that are set as well. Extensive planning goes into a mall promotion and we have experts who have years of experience in making your dream a reality. Collaborate with Flair touch as your promoting partner and engage more customers with more reach.

Showcase your mall with colours!

Fashion Shows

Designers individually as well as a team host fashion shows to showcase their talent. It is the best way to showcase a designer’s talent and expertise. It can be for a new clothing line, modern jewelry or accentuating accessories. No matter, organizing a fashion show requires the setup of a well elevated ramp with good grip, special lighting and smoke effects, music based on the theme, promotional backdrops, seating arrangements, brochures and much more. Flair touch can incorporate all your ideas into one event efficiently.

Events with excellence in mind!

Trade Shows

A trade show or an expo presents and make demonstrations of a product. Here is where industry partners, customers, rivals and entrepreneurs make acquaintance. Trade shows bring the buyer and seller together. Several stalls need to be organized and arranged. Choosing the right venue is pivotal to the show. You may have to provide a sales kit to visitors and samples to try on. A lot of market research is also required to pull off a successful trade show. With our experience, our experts will always be one step ahead in researching to your trade needs.

Finding a strategic location may be cumbersome; leave it to us.


Music gathers a lot of people and poses to be the right place to introduce and promote your products. With a rise in various genres, concerts gain quick popularity and promotes new styles. Whether an open concert or a closed one, an organizer is always needed to tick off the endless requirements. Flair touch can provide you the needed equipments and arrange for the entire structure of the concert. All you have to do is make your appearance. We can help you arrange concerts, rope in celebrities and help you introduce your brand gracefully.

We also can help you rope in some celebrity visits.

Exhibitions & Promotions

Much like trade shows, exhibitions are personalized ways of advertising one’s products. Flashy stalls, huge banners and colorful placards are part of what needs to be designed to make the event a win. We have a design team who can trace your banners and add effects. We can also organize the right avenues, the exhibits, apt stalls and create a clear arrangement for visitors. Our team will understand the product and help make your product attractive and flashy.

Let’s begin with flamboyance and wrap it up in style.