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birthday planners in chennai

Venue Booking

Birthday celebrations aren’t meant only for the little ones, it is a fun for all ages. Now, get a tiptoe into an assortment of banquets and party halls that we bring for your birthday celebrations. A beach birthday party or an indoor bash, we organize it such a way that it is perfect for your little one and your lovable guests. Flair Touch Management is providing Birthday Planners in Chennai. The venue, its ambiance, the decorations, the food, games and everything on this special day can make some amazing memories for everyone at any age. And guess what, we stick to your budget!

With flair touch, let the magic begin!

birthday planners chennai

Venue Decoration

Decoration is the key aspect that changes the atmosphere of a birthday party. A themed party is moot without the right decorations. It is the best first impression to the guests and also adds to the cool photography. Flair is known to work with its clients’ in creating beautiful decorations as per their budgets and chosen theme. The lightings, the balloon works, the banners, name tags, flowers, themed decorative pieces, special stage decorations, everything will just be perfect. You can choose from the wide range of themes we offer or just let us know your interests, we will make it happen. Our planners will also make unique touches according to your little ones’ age!

Decorations made quite flattering!!!

Best birthday planners in chennai

Stage Set-up

Your birthday stage is the focal point of the whole party. This is where all the action goes on. The blowing of candles, cutting cake, receiving presents and saying ‘cheese’ makes the stage an important part of the whole party. It has to be set up at the right location with kid-friendly themes for your toddler or an abstract theme for your teenager or a more professional setup for an adult. We have years of experience in doing just that but with more elegance, creativity and professionalism. We can decorate and set your stage based on your theme with creativity. And of course, there will be special lightings and other sizzling add-ons too.

Celebrations creating crazy memories!!!

Best birthday planners chennai

Theme Cakes

Be it a reticent simple birthday party or a sumptuous celebration of your little one’s birthday, we have special ideas to make it more special and memorable. Many parents these days feel comfortable to have a theme around the whole party. This is of course, reflected in the choice of cake as well. With imaginative minds running wild, we have seen scores of birthday cakes in various shapes, colors and decorations imitating favorite cartoons, games, interests and so on. Designer cakes, photo-printed cakes, tiered cakes are all part of our services. Disney characters or Storm troopers; whichever you fancy, we can create custom cakes based on your favourite characters.

Creative, Cool and colourful cakes!!!

chennai birthday planners

Photography & Videography

A birthday is not complete without the pictures at the end of the day to look back on. Cherish your birthday memories with our expert photography and videography specialists. We have a range of professionals who work for film industry to those who work within your budgets without any compromise on quality. Flair touch has the right specialist whether you require candid or traditional style of photography. Flair aims to cover every little moments of joy and compile them in your photo book. Your little one will have loads to look back on.

Your best pictures are just a click away!

Best birthday planners

Catering services

The quality and type of food is top of the mind in any Indian birthday party. Other than the cake, most parties serve light to heavy refreshments to their guests. Depending on your food preferences, we offer you different caterers to impress your guests. Be it a lavish food or a simple intro party we promise the best of formal hospitality and quality of food as per your ethnicity, guest count and menu requirements. Simple meals to elaborate courses, we can arrange them to your liking. We have a ton of birthday food ideas that best suits the theme and your budget as well.

Awesome food and amazing service assured!

Chennai Best birthday planners

Sound Setup

High quality sound gear is a must-have in any birthday party. Hiring a PA system is ideal for small venues and compact spaces. We also cater for the 3-way system, the compact ipod, active ipod, laptop systems and subs depending on the size and venue of your party. We have professional equipments to ensure quality services in our sound set up. You can create your own playlist or choose from the ones we offer. We offer our services based on your kid’s and guests interests, venue, spacing availability, and of course the chosen theme and your budgets as well. Whether an all-kids party or not, we have a number of music items, little feet can dance to.

Add the touch of effervescence to every moment!

Flair birthday planners in chennai


Every party deserves a dance and a birthday party is the best place to put your dance shoes on. A professional DJ service with flair touch will include a professional sound system, lighting installations, the DJ, the microphones and a musical playlist apt for the party. You can celebrate your birthday with the best music on the background. We offer services within your venue allocations, type of guests, number of guests and their interests, your budget, Is that a sweet 16 party or the 1st birthday of your baby bird? No matter, a DJ to dance to is much needed. We provide DJ lighting too and if you want to karaoke, why not!

Your party is all rock and roll!!!

Flair Touch birthday planners chennai

Return Gifts

Create awesome return gifts based on your party theme, budget, guests’ numbers and of course your little one’s interests with Flair. Be it some cartoon character, a stunning piece of kids’ jewelry, a play-toy or anything creative that meets your budget, we can a little more taste to it. Return gifts are the final thing that your guests will remember after your birthday party. It shows them your love and gratitude for gracing your occasion with their presence. You can customize your return gifts or choose to opt for a standard variety from our wide range of options.

Say ‘thank-you’ with an extra sparkle!!!

Best chennai birthday planners


Birthdays are definitely meant to be a knick-knack of our scruples of what shall we do in the forthcoming year, why not start your year with some bang this year? We can help you keep your little guests and of course the grown-ups engaged and enjoying all day long. You would want not just a professional but a safe and in-the-budget entertainer. Flair has the right blend of experience, expertise and technology to make your party an unforgettable one. We arrange for various games, fun activities, live band/DJs, Music shows, dance shows, party welcome dolls, party clowns, caricature artists and many more.

Get your party more buoyant and bustling!